Why do we wear Shoes?

Ask most people who walk around the block and they will probably tell you: “Why do we wear shoes?” For some it is a matter of habit. It becomes automatic and you find yourself tugging at your brand new sneakers as if your feet could produce electricity. Other people have an easier time explaining: “To keep my feet comfortable, I squat.” Though there may be more to this explanation, I will focus on the former – the reason being, shoes provide protection.

A good question and one that has been tackled many times before. The fact is, when you walk barefoot you take the risk of sore and possibly broken feet. This is because you cannot stop your feet from making contact with the floor. The friction can lead to pain and inflammation. If you are one of the many people asking the question, “Why do we wear shoes?”

There is another reason that trainers, coaches and athletes put so much emphasis on footwear. That is the common question asked about lifting weights. Most trainers will tell you that the majority of serious weightlifters injure their feet by over-extending their feet during training.

Wearing shoes can help prevent this problem. When you are in training, you need all of the strength in your legs and feet that you can get because you are moving them every day. Having the right balance of flexibility and strength is very important. Wearing shoes that offer increased flexibility, especially when squatting, allows for greater mobility and less risk of injury.

You may wonder what having good mobility means. It means that you can maintain or get better mobility when your feet are touching the ground. When you are barefoot and moving around, you cannot do this. Having the ability to have good balance and not put too much pressure on your feet means that you can extend your range of motion and keep the proper amount of strength in each one. This is extremely important in any type of athletic endeavour.

There are some types of sports where it is better to be barefoot such as ballet and tumbling. This gives you the ability to move around without the support of a shoe. It also allows you to have great mobility, balance and stability. If you like to play basketball or soccer, shoes with studs are much better than sneakers or boots because of the resistance from the ball. Shoes with large laces or sandals are excellent footwear if you don’t want to wear any sort of supports or braces.

Why are so many people looking at shoes these days when it comes to enhancing their flexibility and mobility? One of the biggest changes in the last decade has been the increase in the use of exercises to improve flexibility and mobility. With this comes an increase in the number of people who are performing strength and joint conditioning workouts at home. By performing strength training and stretching exercises on a regular basis, you can greatly reduce the risks of common sports injuries such as sprains, strains and torn ligaments. In addition, flexibility increases dramatically by doing a variety of stretching exercises and activities. There are many different types of stretches and exercises that will help increase your flexibility and mobility.

Why do we wear shoes? To increase your freedom and mobility, you need to have good postural habits. When you do yoga exercises such as forward bend and various other poses you will develop good postural habits for your body. These good postural habits will transfer into your daily life and what you do when wearing shoes. You will find yourself moving around better and with less pain and restriction when wearing shoes.